GGM-# Viral Makeup Makeup Hacks You Should Avoid & # That Actually Work

3 Viral Makeup Hacks You Should Avoid & 5 That Actually Work

In recent years, social media has been a rich source of hacks of all kinds, especially when it comes to beauty. But, not all of those tricks will work with your makeup routine. Thus, continue reading to learn more about some viral makeup hacks you should avoid and some that work for you.


In This Article:

    1. Too Much Foundation
    2. Super Overlined Lips
    3. Concealer Over The Brows
    1. Use Tape to Draw Winged Eyeliner
    2. Make Your Shadow Pop With Lip Balm
    3. No-Makeup Lips with Lip Balm
    4. Try Multi-Tasking Lipsticks


Viral Makeup Hacks You Should Avoid

1. Too Much Foundation


If you’re a huge admirer of a natural-looking makeup look, this one is definitely not for you.

This crazy foundation makeup trick has been viral these days. This trend suggests you coat your face in a thick foundation layer and rub it in with your hands. Some viewers even say that applying foundation this way is incredibly wasteful and unsatisfying. Although the final appearance of Tiktokers is always stunning, keep in mind that they most likely use professional lighting and camera equipment.


2. Super Overlined Lips


Using an over-lining method, Kylie Jenner has inspired us with her instructional video on achieving perfect full lips. You need to line above and beyond your lip line with a lip liner, then fill it in.

It seems like a simple method that gives you bigger and fuller lips, or maybe not.

First, some people may use the wrong lip liners. Second, if your hands are not steady when lining your lips, you can create a disaster.


3. Concealer Over The Brows


There’s always a big question when it comes to makeup: Should we do our brows before or after the complexion?

Applying foundation and concealer may become a challenge if you draw your brows before other makeup steps. Applying concealer after the brows have been perfectly done will make your brow hairs look clumsy.

So, you can save yourself from trouble by waiting until you’ve completed your face makeup before heading to your brows.


Viral Makeup Hacks You Should Try

1. Use Tape to Make Winged Eyeliner


This trick comes from the account @katlongoria, a beauty vlogger. Her video demonstrating how to get the perfect eyeliner flick has received millions of views, which is impressive. Here is the guideline from her:

  • Cut a strip of tape long enough to cover your entire face.
  • Wrap the tape over your nostrils and below the ends of each brow, forming an upwards angle at your eyes.
  • Take two shorter pieces of tape and place them on your eyelids. So, two sets of tape meet each other and form a triangle.
  • Grab black eyeshadow, use your fingers to smudge it into the exposed skin between two sets of tape.
  • Remove the tapes.


Voila! Your perfect eyeliners are ready! See how easy it is?


2. Make Your Shadow Pop With Lip Balm


Is your eyeshadow not intense enough? Give any of your favorite shades a shine just by layering it on a lip balm.

Lip balms are typically petroleum jelly, beeswax, or cocoa butter, making them emollient. Thus, it is ideal for a perfect mixing medium for pigments.

Swipe the lip balm right on top of your eyeshadow before smoothing it across your eyelids. Then apply a coat of your favorite eyeshadow and achieve the stunning effect.


3. No-Makeup Lips with Lips Balm

Have you ever thought about combining lip balm with your favorite lips color? Trust me. You would be amazed by how it works.

Mixing a creamy lip balm with a lipstick shade will make it easier to create a gorgeous but not-too-much look.

First, grab your favorite lipstick and dot it on your lip balm. Rub the product into the center of your lips and use your finger to seamlessly blend everything together.


4. Try Multi-Tasking Lipsticks


Who doesn’t want to own a beauty product that can do it all? What I’m referring to is lipstick.

If lipstick has nothing to do with your lips, did you know that it may bring the proper shine to your cheeks and add a vibrant burst of color to your eyelids?

The first alternative use is a long-lasting blush. You can try a deep red color for a more dramatic effect or a rose pink for a beautiful and flirtatious flush. And if you prefer a more summery style, coral shades are also a good choice.

Besides, you can try swiping lipstick on your eyelids for a high-fashion, glossy look. This creative use can simplify makeup application since you can apply it directly from the tube to your lid then blend it with your finger.

Makeup is all about creativity, so don’t be afraid to experiment. If you’re still on the fence about searching for beauty tips online, these viral makeup hacks mentioned above will persuade you otherwise.


Are you ready to be creative with these mind-blowing makeup tips? Don’t miss these viral makeup hacks! Hopefully, our guidelines will make your makeup easier and more accessible than ever.

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