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5 Stunning Valentine’s Day Makeup Looks You Need To Try

Love is in the air! It’s time to try on various Valentine’s Day makeup looks in preparation for spending the day with your special someone. Even if you’re just planning on enjoying Valentine’s Day with friends or family, here are five stunning Valentine’s Day makeup look ideas you need to try!

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In This Article:

  1. Sultry Red Lips Look
  2. No-Makeup Makeup Look
  3. Soft Pink Look
  4. Reversed Cat Eyes Look
  5. Glowy Skin Look


Get Ready To Capture All The Attention With Our Five Stunning Valentine’s Day Makeup Look Ideas

1. Sultry Red Lips Look


Whether you are up for an extravagant celebration or keep it low-key, sultry red lips are the epitome of a Valentine’s Day makeup look. On top of that, red lips are always on-trend, so don’t think twice about pulling them off on such occasions.

To achieve the perfect pout, pair our matte lipstick in Ruby Ruby with our waterproof lip liner in Salsa to enhance the lip shape and simultaneously prevent smudging throughout the night. Not to mention, our matte lipsticks have a creamy formula packed with vitamin E for keeping your lips kissable all day.


2. No-Makeup Makeup Look


If red lips are too much for you, go for a no-makeup makeup look or neutral makeup instead. Not only does it never go out of style, but you are also less likely to mess the whole thing up with neutral makeup.

To nail the look, use a muted, earthy color scheme for your eye makeup and finish the whole look with the perfect nude lipstick for your skin tone. Our Gibson Girl Makeup Liquid Velvet Lipstick in Mauve is your best choice if you have light skin. If you don’t find yourself wearing nude lips at all, use your finger to apply your favorite lip color onto your lips in dabbing motions, and don’t forget to blur out the lip line for a soft, natural look.

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3. Soft Pink Look


In addition to red, pink is an ideal shade for an eye-capturing Valentine’s Day makeup look. This hue will give you a feminine, dainty, and playful kind of vibe that won’t go unnoticed, whether you just wear a wash of pink color on your lips or go all out with a pastel pink monochrome look.

Try our super pigmented lip gloss in Petal to appear pretty in pink this Valentine’s Day. For the eyes, you can either apply glitter eyeshadow to balance out your lips or go monochrome with pink eyeshadows in the same shades and tones of pink.


4. Reversed Cat Eyes Look


This Valentine’s Day, let’s step out of your comfort zone with a pair of reversed cat eyes! Instead of lining the upper eyelids, use smudge-proof gel eyeliner to line your bottom lash lines and flick the eyeliner up. Any lip color should go well with minimal eye makeup, so don’t hesitate to play and experiment with multiple lip colors.


5. Glowing Skin Look


A perfect Valentine’s Day celebration can’t be complete without a romantic dinner in dimmed light candles. As with a darkened setting, don’t be afraid to appear as glowing as possible! To do this, grab a blinding-effect highlighter and apply it on the right spots of your face for a radiant finish on your skin. Brush the highlighter on your cheekbones, your nose bridges, a tiny dab on your brow bones, and your cupid’s bow. Here’s our tip: go an extra step by dabbing the highlighter on your shoulder and collarbone if you are planning on wearing an off-shoulder top or dress for the night.

The best part about our Valentine’s Day makeup look suggestions above is that you don’t need to be in a relationship to wear them. Let’s experiment with a new makeup look every day until you finally discover the makeup look that’s right for you, and save them for later when you have a chance to celebrate your Valentine’s Day with someone special.


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