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2022 Spring Makeup Looks You Need To Copy Now

2022 spring is just around the corner, and it’s time for us to bloom more beautifully than ever. If you’ve not got any idea for your spring makeup looks, follow us and find which of these following makeup will suit you best.


In this article:

  1. Minimal Foundation 
  2. Earthy Green Shadow
  3. Double Winged Eyeliner
  4. Smokey Eye for Spring
  5. Glittery Eye
  6. 90s-Inspired Lip Lines
  7. Flushed Lips 


Best Spring Makeup Looks You Should Try This Year

1. Minimal Foundation


Last year, the heavy foundation challenge was one of the most well-liked beauty trends to go viral on TikTok. But when it comes to spring makeup looks, the heavy application is not our pick. Instead, the word “fresh” comes to mind right away.

Opt for a light-tinted day cream. Use less heavy foundation and concealer on imperfect spots only (not all over your face). Voila! This complexion will allow your skin to breathe in the fresh air of spring while still embracing your natural beauty.


2. Earthy Green Shadow


Is there anything more energizing than using vibrant hues as soon as spring arrives? This spring, green is likely to become the absolute favorite color of any beauty fanatic out there.

Makeup is all about fun and creativity. You thus are free to use whichever shade of green you like. Remember, after applying shadow, grab a fluffy brush to create a natural color gradient. Also, you can use a brighter shade to create highlights on the inner corners of your eyes.

Trust me; this look is what we need to describe spring 2022: fun, creative, and bright.


3. Double Winged Eyeliner


You’ve mastered creating your winged liners but want to try something different for this spring? Then this double-winged liner look may be what you’re looking for: still winged eyeliners, but bolder and edgier.

The secret is to trace the shape first. Use a pencil to trace the upper liner until you’re satisfied with the shape, then go over the top with a waterproof pen. Continue with a similar eyeliner on your bottom lash line. Make a tiny wing parallel to the wing you made. Create the flick of the wing on either side to get the appropriate shape.


4. Smokey Eye for Spring


Why must we wait for summer to put on a smokey eye look when spring is coming around?

We have seen this ever-classic makeup on models at many Spring/Summer 2021 showcases. Now, it’s time to try it on you! Follow these steps to master smokey eye makeup for spring:

  • Use a light brown or bronze-colored shadow and slightly smudge it for a natural effect.
  • Apply a layer of darker shadow in plum or berry-toned shades.
  • Continue blending the pink hue over the two existing colors.
  • Bring a touch of silver shadow into the corners of your eyelids.
  • Layer a bit of pale pink shade over the rest of your statement to allow your eyes to pop.


5. Glittery Eye


Do you want to add a little extra glamour to your springtime? A few layers of sparkle on your eyelids is legit mesmerizing.

Whether you prefer smoky eyes, winged liners, shimmer, or vibrant shadows, there are tons of ways to rock your glittery spring look. Choose a glitter shadow that suits you best, and be ready to look attractive on any occasion.


6. 90s-Inspired Lip Lines


The ’90s makeup trends have been back. Dark brown lipstick, frosted lipgloss, or ultra-dark lip liner are what you wish to nail this stunning look.

Choose a tone of lip liner that is two tones darker than the lipstick shade. This will be most noticeable when paired with nude lipstick or gloss to emphasize the contrast. To finish, dab outwards to blend the two shades to create a less-harsh effect.


7. Flushed Lips


Nothing screams fresh springtime quite like flushed lips.

The tip is to create a subtle halo around your lip line. First, apply your favorite lip color to the center of your lips. It can be satin, matte, or chubby lip pencil. Then, use your finger to blend the color all over your lips as if you were applying lip balm. Drag your finger exactly on top of your lip line and blur the color over your cupid’s bow to dissolve the shade all over your lips.

Pairing these lips with glowing skin and fluffy brows is surely what girls are looking for this season.


Are you ready to try on these stunning spring makeup looks and impress everyone around you? Hopefully, our guidelines will make your makeup easier and more accessible than ever. 

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