Our Favorite Soft Glam Makeup Look You Need To Copy Now


Our Favorite Soft Glam Makeup Look You Need To Copy Now

It has been taking over the runway since 2020 and is also favoured by many celebrities, soft glam makeup looks aim at highlighting your best features without changing you into a different person. Want to try it on you? Scroll ahead for our tips on achieving soft glam makeup looks!


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  2. Soft Glam Makeup Look To Aim For


When you love the glam yet want to look effortlessly gorgeous.

1. What Is Soft Glam Makeup Look?



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Soft glam makeup look doesn’t mean you have to wear less makeup. Rather, you still need to apply all makeup steps techniques, but in an attempt to blend them out as seamlessly as possible.

This look is all about dewy foundation, earthy and muted tones, and a touch of nude or MLBB (my lips but better) color. Glossy lips are also popular choices but you can also stick to matte. You can still have contour and highlight but try to have them as subtle as you can.

Now let’s head to the list of soft glam makeup look below!


2. Soft Glam Makeup Look To Aim For

Brushed Up Brows Soft Glam Look


Not everyone owns a fluffy and fuzzy set of brows since hair distribution and density of each individual are different. Let’s try this ultimate tip: fill in your brows in flick motions instead of literally coloring them. After that, use a spoolie to brush off any excess if you overdraw. Finish the look with brow gel to have them in place, by brushing up the brows and you’re done.

Don’t forget to stick to an earthy-toned color palette for your overall makeup! You can play it up by adding falsies or winged liner.


Au Naturel Skin Soft Glam Look


Finding the suitable base makeup will help you achieve the most natural looking makeup.  Make sure to prep your skin first with a moisturizer to avoid caking and creasing, second apply the primer, and a layer of foundation comes last in light dabbing motions.

Another option is to completely ditch the foundation and stick to concealer to brighten your eyes and cover your blemishes. Don’t forget to set your face with a setting powder to make sure your makeup stays in place.


Delicate Highlight Soft Glam Look


We know highlighter is irresistible! But since we’re going for a subtler option try using a cream highlighter instead of a powder. Cream products tend to melt on your skin better rather than sitting on top of it.


Monochromatic Soft Glam Look



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This is such an amazing look for those who are not comfortable with vibrant or playful eye makeup. All you have to do is stick to one color scheme. You don’t have to restrict yourself to using just earth-tone shades.

Bronze and peach color schemes are very popular monochromatic makeup looks.


Juicy Lips Soft Glam Look


Glossy lips are a big thing when it comes to soft glam makeup. It is perfectly paired with a nude lipstick shade and a great way to amp up your soft eye makeup.


Luscious Lashes Soft Glam Look


Luscious lashes are normally seen in full makeup looks, however you can still pull this off by keeping your eye makeup to a bare minimum.

You either skip the eyeshadow entirely or just use one subtle shade. No matter what your choice is you should not wear eyeliner when you add falsies because that will defeat the soft glam look.

The beauty industry keeps changing. One day, everyone is obsessed with a certain look, and on the very next day, they switch to another. But with around 300,000 hashtags on Instagram, the famous soft glam makeup has a good chance of sticking around for a long time because of how flattering it looks on most people.


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