How To Do The Perfect Smokey Eye Makeup


How To Do The Perfect Smokey Eye Makeup

When it comes to makeup, a sexy smokey eye look never goes out of style. Some people might find it hard to nail this look, but today’s tutorials will make smokey eye makeup look more accessible than ever.


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  1. Natural Smokey Eye Makeup
  2. Bronze Smokey Eye Makeup
  3. Smokey Eye Makeup Tips


Nothing says summer more than a smokey makeup look. Sophisticated, glamorous, and edgy are some terms that come to mind when describing a classic smoldering smokey eye. Whether you’re going out at night or during the day, mesmerizing smokey eyes can become your secret weapon to create a confidence boost.


Natural Smokey Eye Makeup

1. Don’t forget primer or concealer: An eye primer prevents your shadow from creasing and keeps the colors vibrant throughout the day. Meanwhile, a concealer helps even out your skin’s darkness and pigmentation, creating a smooth canvas for you to work on.

2. Start with mid-tone shade: Apply a matte, neutral shade all over your eyelid to create your base.

3. Apply dark-tone shadow to the outer corners: Use a matte, dark shade at the outer corners of your eyes. Next, pick up a fluffy eyeshadow brush, then blend it upward and outward to soften it up with no harsh lines.

4. Try adding glitter: If you want to brighten up your look, put on a little shimmery shade into the inner corners of your eyes. If you wish for a full-glam look, go for a refined touch of glitter shadow in the center of your eyes instead.

5. Finish with eyeliner: Grab a pencil eyeliner in matching dark shade and follow along your top and bottom lash lines, then blend the top edge of the liner with a pencil brush to smoke it out.

6. Mascara: If eyes are the windows to the soul, mascara is your paintbrush. Give your eyes a lift with mascara and top it off with some false lashes for the ultimate smokey eye.


Bronze Smokey Eye Makeup

1. Primer and concealer: No matter which eye look you’re going for, these beauty must-haves give you a long-lasting makeup finish and make the eye color pop out.

2. Start with brown shade: Apply a matte, nude color as your base shade all over your lid. Next, choose a warm brown shadow matching your skin tone and use it on your crease.

3. Go with bronze shadow: Apply a rich bronze shade from the center of your eye with a fluffy brush. Then, blend the shadow back and forth over the lid, then switch to the circular motions. Continue to finish off the lower lashline with the same bronze color. After that, a tiny touch of light shimmery shade in the inner corner will help brighten up your eye.

4. Use dark-toned shadow for the lashline: To create a fierce-looking makeup, use a hand-angled brush, press the deep bronze shadow under the lower lash line, and blend to soften the edges.

5. Finish with eyeliner and mascara: Now, it’s time to show off your beautiful complexion with a few coats of mascara and simple eyeliners.


Smokey Eye Makeup Tips

Before jumping into creating your smokey eyes, remember to note down these essential tips:

  • Don’t always stick with black and grey: Makeup should be fun! Don’t be afraid to experiment with other dark colors, such as deep plum, navy blue, charcoal gray, or dark olive.
  • Don’t use more than three shades: You can try different shades but remember to keep it simple. Three coordinating eyeshadow shades are enough if you want to create a subtle and stunning smokey eye look.
  • Brushes are your friends: The key to perfect makeup is making sure it’s well blended. Keep in mind that makeup applies more evenly when using a brush instead of your fingers.


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