6 Surprising Ways To Design & Organize A Small Makeup Vanity

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6 Surprising Ways To Design & Organize A Small Makeup Vanity

For beauty fanatics, a makeup vanity is a must-have piece of furniture. These items are available in various shapes, styles, and colors. But what if you own a small makeup vanity and have no idea how to organize it to appear aesthetically pleasing? Scroll further to figure out ways with these six surprising hacks.

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In This Article:

    1. Replace Ordinary Vanity Desks with a Floating Vanity 
    2. Taking Advantage of Bookshelves
    3. Investing in Makeup Brush Holders
    4. Using Dishes as Jewelry Cases
    5. Utilizing Cupcake Stand to Store Products
    6. Using Ice Cube Trays for Eyeshadow Singles


How to Display Makeup with Small Vanity

1. Replace Ordinary Vanity Desks with a Floating Vanity


A floating makeup vanity is a trendy choice for any beauty fanatic. Having your shelves wall-mounted and floating can be extremely useful and aesthetically pleasing.

Doing your makeup on this floating vanity is an experience unlike any other. Its unique floating design will keep your space looking spacious and stylish, providing a touch of fashion to your bedroom. This is an incredible hack to maintain a simplistic and elegant design without sacrificing your valuable floor space.


2. Taking Advantage of Bookshelves


Nothing says perfection like a stylish bookshelf brimming with every nail polish color. Remember to choose an item at arm’s length so you can easily access and grab what you need. You can also use a shelf for all of your products and place it next to your vanity to replicate this idea.

Decorate your bookshelf so it can be both functional and pleasing to the eyes. Voila! Bookshelves can now be used to create visual interest for your small makeup vanity.


3. Investing in Artistic Makeup Brush Holders


A unique brush holder with a design that complements your personal taste will brighten up your vanity. With this tool, you can carefully store and elegantly display your beauty brushes and accessories, keeping them close at hand for easier usage.

A crystal organizer or a well-decorated holder will be a perfect embellishment for your vanity table. But, do you want to put your design skills on display? Try to hand-craft your own holder or even reuse your glasses case and decorate it in your style.


4. Using Dishes as Jewelry Cases


Have you ever thought of using beautiful dishes to arrange and access your jewelry, such as earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, and other cosmetics, in a tidy and accessible manner? A jewelry plate with a unique shape will breathe new life into your vanity. Let’s match the luxury plates to your varied room design styles and brighten up the entire makeup area.


5. Utilizing a Cupcake Stand to Store Products


Why not let your creativity go wild? A lovely cupcake stand is perfect for storing minor beauty items like nail polishes and perfumes. Using a spinning stand does it all by transforming your makeup drawer into a carousel device that allows you to locate everything you need quickly.


6. Using Ice Cube Trays for Eyeshadow Singles


Another fantastic way to make your small makeup vanity be more spacious? If you have been racking your brain to think of a solution for eye shadow storage, an ice cube tray is a perfect idea.

Use as many trays as you need if you have a lot of eye shadow. A variety of sizes and shapes are ideal for numerous shadow containers. These tools also fit well in a drawer, giving you a quick overview of your whole collection.

Are you ready to be creative and allow your decoration skills to shine with your small makeup vanity? Don’t miss these tips if you wish for an organized and well-lit beauty space.


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