6 Simple & Easy Makeup Looks You Need To Copy Now


6 Simple & Easy Makeup Looks You Need To Copy Now

Choosing a makeup idea that highlights your most outstanding features has never been an easy task. However, once you’ve decided on the most refined cosmetic look that suits you best, your beauty will undoubtedly be enhanced. Scroll through to discover these six simple makeup looks and pick one to accentuate your natural beauty.

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In This Article:

    1. Natural Makeup Look
    2. Cat Eyes – Simple Eye Makeup Look
    3. Soft Glam Makeup Look
    4. Simple Bridal Makeup Look
    5. Summer Makeup Look
    6. Smokey Eye Makeup Look


Simple Makeup Looks

1. Natural Makeup Look


Let’s be honest! Who doesn’t want to look like they are wearing no makeup but still be effortlessly gorgeous?

The key to this makeup style is hydrated and dewy skin. Instead of full coverage, use a little moisturizer or BB cream to build a radiant finish. Next, natural makeup looks cannot be perfect without nude glossy lips and peachy-flushed cheeks. Just two swipes of blush and a lipstick shade matching your skin tone will complete this simple look.


2. Cat Eyes – Simple Eye Makeup Look


For beginners, this look might be hard to achieve. But, trust me, once you have mastered its technique, this is all you need for a go-to simple makeup look. Follow these following steps to create your next-level cat eyes:

    • Grab a liquid liner, start at the outer corner of your eye, form an upturned flick.
    • Line all the way from the inner corner of your eye while staying as close to the upper lash line as possible.
    • Use an eyeliner pencil to trace your lower lash line to create a sharper and fiercer cat-eye shape.
    • Soak a Q-tip into micellar water and correct any mistakes until you are satisfied with the look.


3. Soft Glam Makeup Look


A perfect, smooth, and matte complexion combined is the key to this look. Start with a moisturizer to avoid creasing. Then, apply the primer and finish with a coat of foundation applied in light dabbing motions.

However, it is not done yet! A soft glam look would be incomplete without neutral brown lips and brushed-up brows. Finally, try using a cream highlighter instead of a powder to create stunning and dewy effects.


4. Simple Bridal Makeup Look


Everyone wants to look gorgeous on such a momentous occasion as a wedding day, even if you are not the main character. If you wish for a gentle, not too dramatic look, it’s best to use earth-toned neutrals on the eyes and lips, mixed with poppy blush and highlight. Liquid eyeliner, false eyelashes, and a simple but attractive dress will take this look to a whole new level.


5. Summer Makeup Look


Summer has always been an exciting season to play with beauty.

This warm-weather season, soft eyes, glowing cheeks, and slightly stained lips will create a perfect combo. Use a glowy foundation and concealer matching your skin color to embrace a glistening makeup base. Then, a light touch of neutral eyeshadows combined with a lip stain will add a summery vibe to this look. Complete this simple makeup look with a bit of highlighter to let your skin breathe through the sunshine.


6. Smokey Eye Makeup Look


Sophisticated, glamorous, and edgy are some terms that come to mind when describing classic smoldering smokey eyes. Follow these steps to make smoky eyes look more accessible than ever:

  • Apply primer to prevent eyeshadow from creasing.
  • Use a little concealer to even out your skin’s imperfection, creating a smooth complexion.
  • To build your base, apply a matte, neutral shade all over your eyelid.
  • Apply a matte, dark tone at the outer corners of your eyes and use a fluffy brush to blend it upward and outward.
  • Add a touch of shimmery shade or glitter shadow into the inner corners to brighten up your look.
  • Give your eyes a lift with mascara and eyeliner for the ultimate smokey eye.


You can use a matte shade of brown, navy, or green for a classic smokey eye look. For a more surprising look, play with sparkly purple or red tones. Remember that smokey eye makeup doesn’t need to come with neutral tones.

Don’t dare to try new things! Even if you are a newbie in this cosmetic world, try to experiment to find your own style and create a look that fits you perfectly.


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