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5 Perfect Eyeliner Looks For Hooded Eyes

Hooded eyes are one of the most challenging eye shapes to work with when it comes to applying makeup. Despite your effort to create the most beautiful eye makeup, it’s all hidden when your eyes are open!

Did you know that no matter how hooded your eyes are, there are several eyeliner styles made for your sleepy yet appealing eye shape? Let’s find out five eyeliner looks for hooded eyes right now!

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In This Article: 

  1. Reverse Eyeliner Look
  2. Colored Eyeliner Look
  3. Tightline Eyeliner Look
  4. Foxy Eyeliner Look 
  5. Smudged-Out Eyeliner Look


Let’s Nail These 5 Perfect Eyeliner Looks For Hooded Eyes!

What are hooded eyes? Hooded eyes refer to an extra layer of skin folded below your brow bones. Having hooded eyes is expected as they run in families, while they naturally come with age for others. On top of that, hooded eyes are common among Asians.


1. Reverse Eyeliner Look


Mastering the flawless cat-eye/winged eyeliner look is challenging. Still, it’s even more like a battle for those with a set of hooded eyelids. Don’t worry! Try a reverse eyeliner look—an average winged eyeliner but applied to the lower lash lines instead of the upper eyelids.

To achieve the look, use your favorite eyeliner and start lining your lower lash line from the inner corner of your eye. Continue to work your way outward until you reach the outer corner, where you can simply flick it like a typical winged eyeliner. Voilà! You’ve got the unique reverse eyeliner look!


2. Colored Eyeliner Look



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Even though black is universally flattering, black eyeliner can be too intense. It can make your hooded eyes appear even smaller.

That said, switch your usual black eyeliner to softer shades like plum, dark brown, espresso, or dark purple to beautifully compliment your eye colors. If you love to play and experiment with colors, go for bold, popping eyeliners to make your eyes more awake-looking.

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3. Tightline Eyeliner Look


If you can’t go all out with a splendid winged eyeliner look due to hooded lids, go subtle and straightforward with the primary technique for applying eyeliner: tightline. Tightline, also called invisible eyeliner, gives the impression that you aren’t wearing any eyeliner. But, the thin, tight line on the roots of your upper lash line and upper waterline can dramatically redefine your eye shapes and create a fuller illusion to your lashes.

Before getting down to business, make sure that your hands are clean because you will be working close to your eyes. After that, gently lift your upper eyelids and start lining the upper waterline of both eyes.


4. Foxy Eyeliner Look


In recent years, the mysterious foxy eyeliner has taken over the throne of the long live winged/cat-eye eyeliner trend, as all celebrities and IT girls have ever since favored the elongated, almond-shaped eyeliner for their red carpet looks.

How to do foxy eyeliner? First of all, begin by forming basic wings at the outer corner of your eyes and extending them outward to your temples. Next, get back to the inner corner and opt for a thin liner along your lash line until it meets the outer wings. Finally, elongate the inner corner of your eye in a triangular shape. And there you have it!


5. Smudged-Out Eyeliner Look


A smudged-out eyeliner look is basically your long-favored basic eyeliner, but with a twist.

You don’t have to go dramatic on the wings for this eyeliner technique. Instead, opt for a thin line along your upper lash line and finish it with a tiny wing. Next, use a dense, small-tipped brush to smudge out the liner. This look is the perfect blend of a soft smokey eye and winged eyeliner look.

Every one of us is born with imperfections. However, what matters the most is loving and embracing your flawed features and transforming them to a new level of imperfect perfection. Let’s start playing with these five eyeliner looks for hooded eyes until you find the best eyeliner for your unique eye shape!


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