7 Game-Changing Hooded Eye Makeup Tips


7 Game-Changing Hooded Eye Makeup Tips

Hooded eyes refer to a small flap of excess skin folding down from the brow bone on top of the lash line. They are common facial features seen on celebrities such as Emma Stone, Blake Lively, Brad Pitt, and Tom Cruise. Here is a list of 7 makeup tips to help you find out what eye makeup suits you best.


In This Article:

    1. Start with Eye Primer
    2. Don’t Apply Color Directly in the Crease
    3. Don’t Blend Eyeshadow in Wrong Direction
    4. No Heavy Deep Shade for the Lower Lash Line
    5. Don’t Apply a Shimmer over the Entire Browbone 
    6. No Thick Eyeliner
    7. Apply Mascara on Both Top and Bottom Lashes


How to Know If You Have Hooded Eyes?

Draw a horizontal line across your eyes to see whether your outer corners are pulling upwards or downwards. If they do not turn up or down, plus your creases are visible, you have hooded eyelids. And these tricks are definitely designed for you! This is when these hooded eye makeup tutorials come in handy.


Tips For Hooded Eyes Makeup

1. Start with Eye Primer


Start with Eye Primer | 7 Game-Changing Hooded Eye Makeup Tips

This is the best thing you can do for your hooded eyelids! The suitable primer helps prevent your shadow from transferring to the area above your eyelid. What are you waiting for if not investing in a great crease-proof primer for your eye makeup?

Swipe the primer lightly across the lid. Next, use your fingers to gently blend it to your entire lid and crease, all the way up to your brow bone. A neutral or translucent primer can help a lot in this process since it works beautifully with all skin tones.


2. No Color Directly on the Crease


Avoid placing your transition color or your blending color directly on the crease. When your eyes are open, you will not see any color. Instead, apply that blending color slightly just above the crease. One more trick for you, imagine a straight line and blend the transition color in the bottom of the head of your brow. This trick will give the eyes the illusion of being more prominent.


3. Don’t Blend Eyeshadow in Wrong Direction


The next tip is to not blend the outer corner of your eye with the deeper colors downward. It pulls down the outside of the eye, making your eye appear more hooded. What to do is sweep your eye up and down towards the tail of your brow and buff it out.

Also, apply deep shade only in the outer corner of your eye and light colors in the inner corner. Remember, dark on the outside, light on the inside; your eyes will appear much brighter and broader.


4. No Deep Shade on the Lower Lash Line


Don’t mistake the idea of using deep colors on the entire lower lash line will make your eyes bigger. This is a big no! Trust me, that application will close the eye in, pull it down and make it look smaller.

Again, try dark shade only in the outer part of the lower lash line. Then, use the lighter shade for the inner corner to help brighten up the whole area.


5. No Shimmer over the Entire Browbone


  • Don’t


  • Do


Applying a shimmer this way basically will draw a lot of attention to the hooded area; your eyes look more hooded and puffier. And I’m pretty sure this is not what you’re looking for.

When using a brow highlighter, make sure to apply it directly under the browbone. The same sort of thing for applying shimmer is on the actual lid. The right thing is to use a lot of shimmers on the lid and highlight the inner corner. Now, see the massive difference?


6. No Thick Eyeliner


  • Don’t


  • Do


Thick eyeliner will make your eyeshadow invisible. When your eyes are open, all you see is the black line. Instead, try drawing the thinner line.

Also, if you want to create the tail and a flick of the wing, carry a super thin line out further past the eye and wing it up. For the bottom eyelid, use white or light-based eyeliner.


7. Mascara on Both Top and Bottom Lashes


Apply Mascara on Both Top and Bottom Lashes | 7 Game-Changing Hooded Eye Makeup Tips

Many people with hooded eyes tend to avoid mascara on the lower lashes. This is definitely a common misconception. You know what? Using mascara on both sides helps your eyes look wider. So, it’s time to give your eyes a lift with mascara!

The next “no” is selecting the wrong false lashes. Rather than super long lashes, you may want to go with short lashes on both the outer and inner corners, then longer lashes only in the center. Lashes that wing out longer on the eyes will be very unpleasant. Nobody wants this for their eye makeup.


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