Step-by-Step Flawless Full-Face Makeup Tutorial


Step-by-Step Flawless Full-Face Makeup Tutorial

Sometimes, you want to appear as natural as possible. But, there will be days when you prefer a full face of flawless makeup. In today’s article, our tutorial will show you how to get the full-face makeup look with only 10 steps.

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In This Article:

    1. Step 1: Skincare
    2. Step 2: Primer & Color Corrector
    3. Step 3: Liquid Foundation
    4. Step 4: Concealer
    5. Step 5: Blush & Bronzer
    6. Step 6: Highlight & Contour
    7. Step 7: Eyebrows
    8. Step 8: Eyeshadow, Eyeliner, & Mascara
    9. Step 9: Lipstick Or Lipgloss
    10. Step 10: Powder & Setting Spray


An Ultimate Guide To A Flawless Full-Face Makeup

Step 1: Skincare


A layer of moisturizer will keep your skin hydrated — regardless of your skin type. For the most part, a thorough skincare routine will significantly prevent cakey throughout the day. After cleansing your face, the following steps of your skincare routine should include:

  • Toner or facial mist
  • Serum
  • Cream or moisturizer
  • Sunscreen


It’s worth noting that you should apply sunscreen as a base first if you use chemical sunscreen. Whereas physical or mineral sunscreen should come last.


Step 2: Primer & Color Corrector


Once your face is well-cleansed, hydrated, and protected. The next step is to prep your face with primer. Technically, you don’t need a primer for an unheavy makeup look. Still, an extra layer of primer will do an excellent job at holding your makeup together for a long time. Primer essentially evens out the textures on your skin, creating a smooth canvas for your makeup.

Although color corrector is optional, you can try this guideline to level up your makeup look.

  • Red: Red is mainly used to cover the dark circle under your eyes.
  • Yellow: Yellow corrector can balance out the purple hues on your skin complexion. Typically, yellow is the best option to cover dark blood vessels for people with fair skin and hair.
  • Green: If you suffer uneven redness patches on your face due to breakouts, skin sensitivity, and rashes, a green corrector will help counterbalance the redness to even out the skin tone.


Step 3: Liquid Foundation


There is no set requirement to apply foundation, though. While a few girls use their fingers, others find brushes or beauty blenders much easier to blend out the foundation. Here’s a tip: remember to apply foundation on your neck, too!


Step 4: Concealer

Sometimes, your choice of foundation, like BB cream, can’t cover all the blemishes and dark spots. Don’t panic, though! Because a concealer is your hero. Dot concealer under your eyes and lightly blend it out in a dabbing motion with a makeup sponge. It’s ok to build up the coverage if needed, but don’t go overboard with it since too much concealer might cause creasing and cakey.


Step 5: Blush & Bronzer


Bronzer is good at adding a burst of warmth to your face. Once you’ve got the perfect bronzer shade in hand, begin to apply bronzer in the shape of number 3 on both sides of your face and focus on the hairline to score a sun-kissed look. After blending out the bronzer, the next step is blush. Like bronzer, try to blend it out well to diffuse the color. Typically, the best way to achieve pinchy cheeks is to smile, and the highest point is where you should apply the blush.

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Step 6: Highlight & Contour


A full-face makeup isn’t complete without highlights and contour. Not only do highlights and contours add glam and glow to your look, but they also effectively slim your features. After sculpting your nose with your go-to contour shade, use your finger or a fan brush to apply a highlighter to the nose bridge. Besides the nose bridge, don’t forget your cheekbones, cupid’s bow, and a bit in the inner corner of your eyes. Remember to blend out the highlighter and contour as seamlessly as possible for a diffused, glowy look.


Step 7: Eyebrows


A well-defined set of eyebrows make you look more put-together. Even though there is no universal way to achieve flawless eyebrows, you shouldn’t overlook brow shaping. Next, fill in any gaps with a brow pencil, and then coat your brows with a brow gel to keep them in place.


Step 8: Eyeshadow, Eyeliner, & Mascara


Eyeshadow may be optional, but eyeliner and mascara will complement your full face makeup in ways you can’t imagine. Grab your eyeshadow palette and go for any eye makeup look you like. For example, a smokey eye makeup look could be a fantastic option for all occasions. Once finished, draw your eyeliner in shapes and forms that suit your eyes the most. Finally, a coat of mascara from root to tip will make your lashes fluffier, simultaneously giving a larger illusion to your eyes.


Step 9: Lipstick Or Lipgloss


It’s time to give colors to your pout! Whether you are a fan of lipstick or lipgloss, chapped lips are a no-go for flawless full-face makeup. To solve this issue, use a lip balm to moisturize your lips and wait 1 or 2 minutes before applying your favorite lip products.


Step 10: Powder & Setting Spray


After all the steps, you can either use powder or setting spray to seal your full-face makeup. Both products will help reduce shine and prevent your makeup from crumbling during the day. What is the best way to spray your face? Spritz your setting spray in X formation if you want to seal your makeup from melting due to heatwaves and weather.

Although there is no universal way to apply full-face makeup, and the techniques may vary from person to person, our guide will help you cancel any concerns and confusion along the way in completing your flawless full-face makeup.


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