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How To Choose The Right Eyebrow Shape & Color For Your Face

Eyebrows are a trendy accessory that can elevate and exaggerate any makeup look. Don’t get caught with the wrong eyebrow shape or color at your next event. Find out how to sculpt for success with our tips and tricks below!

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In This Article:

    1. How To Find The Perfect Eyebrow Shape
    2. An Eyebrow Shape For Every Profile 


A Simple Way To Discover Your Ideal Eyebrow Shape

How To Find The Perfect Eyebrow Shape

It’s important to map out your correct eyebrow shape before taking action! Sit down in front of a mirror; take a second to do the following steps before shaping your brows.


How To Map Out Your Eyebrow Shape


  1. Locate The Starting Point: Take an eyebrow pencil and hold it against your nose. You will want the tip facing your hairline. Move it, so the pencil tip ends at the inner corner of your eye. Follow this line up to your brow line. A perfectly shaped eyebrow will start here.
  2. Locate The Ideal Arch: Rotate the eyebrow pencil until you are at the highest point of your natural brow. The pencil will be moving, similar to a clock face, for three or four minutes.
  3. Where Does It End: Keep the eyebrow pencil against your nose and let it fall to the end of your eyelid.


An Eyebrow Shape For Every Profile

With the correct space lined up for the perfect brows, it’s time to match your face shape with a flattering eyebrow shape.


Heart Shape Face


A heart-shaped face will have a wider forehead and a narrow chin. To compliment your chin, focus on creating a gentle arch and thick eyebrow shape. We recommend using an eyebrow pencil one to two shades darker than your roots for blonde or light-colored hair. A natural eyebrow color is one to two shades lighter than your roots for brunettes.


Square Shape Face


A square shape face will be broad with a defined jawline. Since your face is symmetrical, you will want a high arch, but watch out for eyebrow length. A long eyebrow shape could make your face look droopy instead of dazzling.

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Oblong Shape Face


With an oblong shape face, you have a long profile. Your face will have defined cheekbones, and your eyebrows shouldn’t steal the show! Do a straighter brow and minimal arch, or embrace a thick eyebrow adding more volume to your face.


Round And Full Shape Face


We love plump cheekbones and the delicate features of a round, full face. Balance your smooth curves with an edgy eyebrow shape and get emboldened using a sharp arch. Suppose you are playing with new color palettes. In that case, these eyebrows are great to experiment with different colors to add ferocity to everyday makeup looks.


Oval Shape Face


You will also have a long profile for oval shape faces with the surface from hairline to chin being greater than cheek to cheek. Oval faces tend to feel narrow, and you don’t want to lose your photogenic qualities with heavy makeup. This face shape works with any brow design, and we encourage you to embrace your natural brows with low maintenance.


Diamond Shape Face


A diamond face shape is the widest cheek to cheek. Your eyes are a startling feature and get lots of attention! Since your forehead may feel smaller, make your brows long and luxurious by choosing a curved thinner eyebrow shape.


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