6 Different Types Of Eyebrow Products | Which One Is Best For You?

GGM-6 Different Types Of Eyebrow Products | Which One Is Best For You?-Feature | 6 Different Types Of Eyebrow Products | Which One Is Best For You?

6 Different Types Of Eyebrow Products | Which One Is Best For You?

We can’t overlook the importance of a pair of eyebrows since they hold the ultimate power to compliment your entire face and make you look more put together, even if you have little to no makeup on. Keep reading to learn about six different types of eyebrow products and find out which one will work best for you.

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In This Article:

      1. Brow Pencils
      2. Brow Powders
      3. Brow Gels
      4. Brow Pomades
      5. Brow Markers
      6. Brow Waxes


Everything You Need To Know About 6 Arch-Defining Products

Identifying Eyebrow Products

Here’s the ultimate guide to every eyebrow-enhancing product out there:


1. Brow Pencils


Skinny Brow Pencil

First off, we will start with the OG: brow pencils. Eyebrow pencils are the classic product for redefining, filling, and shaping your brows, especially if your brows have missing spots or gaps from over-plucking. On top of that, it also helps fix an asymmetrical set of eyebrows or adds extra tails if you happen to have unevenly scattered brow hairs.

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2. Brow Powders


Brow Powder

As the name already implies, brow powders are one of several eyebrow products that come in powder form and resemble eyeshadows. Unlike brow pencils which can leave harsh lines, brow powders, on the other hand, tend to look softer on your brows. Another perk of brow powders is that your eyeshadow palette may already include one or a few colors that can be used for your brows.


3. Brow Gels

It comes in a tube-like mascara. Brow gel is a type of eyebrow product that helps groom and hold the brows throughout the day, much like hairsprays. This product will keep your messy eyebrows in place and even change the color of your brows if you love to experiment with different makeup looks.

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4. Brow Pomades

If you are a makeup lover, you’ve probably realized that brow pomades have taken over the makeup world since they are the secret to the bold, arch-defining brows seen on multiple Instagram photos in recent years. Brow pomades are cream-based eyebrow products that can keep your brows in place like brow gels but in a much more subtle way.

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5. Brow Markers

At first glance, you might confuse brow markers with Sharpies. Still, brow markers are an excellent cosmetic product for adding extra volume to your brows. However, they don’t work the same as eyebrow pencils since their pigmentation is barely there, allowing you to fill in your brows with more natural-looking strokes.


6. Brow Waxes

Generally, brow wax doesn’t have any pigment. It works like a facial primer to create an even canvas for eyebrow products to stick to. Besides its primer-like quality, it also plays a huge role in holding your hair down, so you can expect to maintain the perfect brow shape for long periods.


Which Eyebrow Product Is Best For You?

As we can see, there are so many eyebrow products to choose from, and it’s totally acceptable to get and test all of them. However, the best eyebrow products for you should be ones that will allow you to perfect your brown in minutes. Otherwise, you can have a look at your brow issues and follow our guide to find the best eyebrow products for yourself:

    • If you have bald patches, gaps, or sparse tails, use pencil, powder, and gel.
    • If you have oily skin, stay away from pomade and pencil.
    • If you have dry skin, avoid using powder and marker.
    • If you have unruly brows, stick to wax and gel.


Eyebrow Application Tips

Whether you use pencils or pomades, it’s essential to consider our tips for achieving a natural set of brows.

    • From inner to outer: Remember to always start from the inner corner of your brows and work your way towards the tail in upward or flick motions to create a soft look.
    • Use a spoolie: A spoolie is a tool that helps you soften and diffuse any harsh lines, especially for pencil and powder applications.
    • Don’t force it: Your brow arches should be three-fourths of the way down. If you don’t have brow tails, try your best to follow the natural shape of your brows.


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