4 Ways A Blotting Powder Can Save You From A Makeup Disaster

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4 Ways A Blotting Powder Can Save You From A Makeup Disaster

Summer is the perfect occasion to look gorgeous by wearing your most appealing makeup look. However, heat exposure may take a toll on makeup and turn your flawless makeup look into a makeup disaster in just a few minutes. This article will discuss blotting powder and how it can save your makeup from disaster.

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In This Article:

      1. It Takes Away Oil & Shine
      2. It Blurs Your Pores
      3. It Leaves No Buildup
      4. It Doesn’t Alter Your Foundation Base


Translucent & Lightweight: How A Blotting Powder Can Save Your Makeup From A Disaster

What Is A Blotting Powder?

Invisible Blotting Powder

Your makeup can get oily throughout the day, and blotting powder is a kind of cosmetic product that helps soak up excess oil on the go. It also plays a considerable role in locking in the makeup, making your makeup look stay in place without bulging or smearing.


How A Blotting Powder Can Save You From A Makeup Disaster


1. It Takes Away Oil & Shine

Your skin can produce a lot of extra oil during the day, whether due to the hot and humid weather or poor skin prep before your finished makeup look. Although setting powders can do a good job locking in your makeup as a final step in your makeup routine, blotting powders can come in handy whenever you need to retouch.


2. It Blurs Your Pores

So often, foundation and concealer are considered prime products to achieve a perfect makeup look. However, those two products are only responsible for covering blemishes and imperfections on your skin while leaving skin textures and pores unresolved. Using a blotting powder is the way to go if you opt for a filter-like finish since it helps blur pores and smooth out fine lines.

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3. It Leaves No Buildup

Every girl, without a doubt, wants to make sure their makeup lasts as long as possible. However, the idea of continuously retouching with a regular face powder may leave unwanted coverage on your face, unfortunately resulting in cakiness. Meanwhile, the light formula of blotting powders will allow traceless retouch, so you won’t have to worry about your makeup being ruined or smudged due to excess powder buildup.


4. It Doesn’t Alter Your Foundation Base

Most blotting powders are not color-tinted because they are created to enhance rather than disturbing or altering your finished look. On top of that, all women with different skin tones won’t have a hard time searching for the right shade.

Are you looking for a suitable blotting powder? Look no further because our Invisible Blotting Powder is here to tackle all of your concerns regarding keeping your makeup fresh and long-lasting through the day. You can either use it to set your makeup or carry it in your purse for touch-ups—the choice is yours! Our 2-in-1 blotting & setting powder is formulated to:

  • Blot oil without leaving cakiness
  • Remove oil & shine without buildup
  • Provide no coverage


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Are you interested in blotting powder? Don’t miss our list of 4 ways a blotting powder can save you from a makeup disaster. Hopefully, our guidelines will make your makeup easier and more accessible than ever.


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